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January 8, 2015

I have been working with a client for a few thick weeks now, working to get their website just right. The Kolache Shoppe came to me after they’d watched Red Dessert Dive unfold and open its doors. They reached out to Jessica, asking who helped in her branding and website and she sent me down the pipeline; grateful I was. The first time I talked with this couple, Randy and Lucy, who owned Kolache Shoppe, I knew it would be a project I would love. They were good hearted people, Type-A personalities and they knew what they wanted. Albeit, it’s easy to get into the …
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A couple of months ago I got an opportunity to begin photographing events for the Houston Rockets. It came when an amazing creative nazi named Jose Lopez attended this conference I photographed, filmed and spoke at here in Houston for all creatives/graphic designers of Major League Baseball, as put on by Chris Garcia from the Houston Astros, the MLC Connect Conference. Chris had invited the neighboring professional sports teams in Houston. ‘Round these parts, creatives stick together. #bettertogether, I digress. Jose, the Creative Director for the Rockets said that he thought I knew a thing or two about taking photos and wanted me to come try my hand …
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I had the absolute pleasure to photograph the marriage of a woman near and dear to my heart. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably saw the Engagement Shoot of Courtney and Kyle, where I go on to explain our days of Sim Farm in the 90’s and other middle schooler escapades. We met at a Mr. Gatti’s in Abilene, Texas with our parents who were good friends. Geezus, I never thought I would be photographing her beautiful wedding with her beautiful family in Montgomery Texas more than fifteen years later. I would have made her give me all the tickets she won on the …
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As my site will allude to, as well as my profession, I love photography and eclectic beautiful things. I’ve been spending some deep headspace internalizing the idea of what it means to be free and I’ve decided to collaborate a #freedom Instagram meetup with three beautiful minds, Jessica (model, shown below – @jbwd), Ryan Barker (@crcbarker) and Edi (@edicaves). I have ordered colored smoke flares, red, white and blue, that we will hold in our hands and walk along the beach with. I’m going to do a freedom themed photoshoot with anyone who shows up. It is my hope that other creatives in the worlds of photography, Instagram and video will join …
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I have been graciously shooting for the Houston Rockets (and man, I’m about to go ham (drew blogging about it (as long as they’re approved!) I recently found myself standing in front of Trevor Ariza (one of our Rocket’s players) with his beautiful family. Trevor’s stunning lady, Bree had reached out to me after Sarah, who is too legit to quit there at the Rockets recommended me. I was honored man, it’s not everyday I get to photograph a professional athlete in my favor sport of all time, ever, no really, I mean, ever. Basketball. The coolest part was that it was with his family, in an everyday environment. We met …
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Maigen Sawyer

I create brand aesthetics and help clients use them to tell a story about a
product, their company, or a vision. My workstyle is best when I am designing
aesthetics for ideas new to the market or photographing life-changing events.

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