Chris, my good friend who is a beautiful mind in graphic design for the Houston Astros called me up a couple of months ago. I had been lucky enough to shoot for him before and he said he had a new project that he could use me for.

As always with this cat, like when I shot his MLC Conference, I said I was down before he even told me what the project was. He explained that they would need a series of lifestyle photographs for a line of baseball caps that the Astros, New Era and Bun B were collaborating on together to sell in Academy stores. He knows …
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bun b at the astros

Months ago, I came across a woman named Jessica Lusk. She told me she had seen the website I designed for Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood and was interested to have me create a brand for her bakery that would find its home in the Heights of Houston. We met up when the inside of her storefront was nothing more than walls and a dusty, chipped concrete floor. I found a slice of wood in the corner to use as a makeshift seat and went to writing notes on all the things she envisioned. She stood in the doorway that day, telling all and I listened.

When I got home …
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A Curious George themed birthday party took place at the Houston Corner Table for Dylan’s first birthday and it was beautiful. Known for his curious personality, Dylan’s mom decided that only the Curious George theme would be appropriate on such a celebratory occasion. Dylan is the baby brother to two precious girls who were nothing but loving, funny, and energetic at his party. He had a large turnout for his first birthday in this big wide world and I could only imagine how big it would be in his later years if he’s that popular right now! This Curious George theme brought back so many memories from …
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I also met this beautiful couple out in the Dominican while there to photograph the Tobaben Wedding. Their smiles were contagious and their humor was something I enjoyed most. I’m convinced that funny, relaxed people make the world go around. Don’t care what anybody says. They are the people that make it worth getting up and doing all over again (living that is). I liked their energy during our shoot. Thank you both for having me photograph you on your vacation!


While I was in the Dominican Republic photographing the Tobaben Wedding, a few of the guests decided to pull me over for a quick shoot of their own. Resourceful I thought, my kind of thing. This couple recently discovered they are expecting and wanted some shots post their own wedding but just before the baby bump. I am scheduled to shoot with this beautiful couple again soon so I’m looking forward to hear of their progress. Congratulations you two!


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