The Tati Morris Adoption

September 1, 2015

This day caught me by surprise. I met Lindsay and Kris Morris at a wedding they attended in the Dominican Republic for a most beautiful woman and incredible man inside and out, Brooke and Travis Tobaben. We did a mini shoot there on the beach and Punta Cana with Lindsay and Kris and almost a year later, I was parking my car, skinnying my way into a packed elevator up to the 246th District Court Downtown Houston to photograph Tati.

Her life changed this day. She legally took the last name Morris, being adopted by Kris who became her father, vowed to stand at her side, …
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The Lundgren Wedding

August 10, 2015

A couple very near and dear to my heart got married this summer and we got to head back home to West Texas for the festivities. Brant’s always been the tough guy so it was an emotional time for everyone to see him get choked up when he saw his lady all dressed in white. Those photos will forever be stuck in my mind when I think of them now. Congratulations on starting the rest of your lives together Sarah and Brant. Drew and I love you very much! You guys are perfect together! …
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The Rand in San Antonio

June 19, 2015

I got into this building called the Rand in San Antonio and went rogue. Well, I was commissioned to be there but no sooner than I had been given the orders was I standing there alone, in this building dating back to the 20’s, under extreme renovation. I crawled through the mayhem, psyched myself out in the basement alone and accidentally swallowed a puff of not-sure-what-that-was debri after coughing my way through a super thin walk-space. I decided to geek out with HDR on this shoot, to exemplify the incredible features. There were two working floors, for Geekdom, this too-legit-to-quit co-working space that always has this energy to draw …
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Something interesting happened to me a few weeks ago, something that hasn’t happened to since I’ve lived in Houston, over 6 years now. I finally felt home. Houston’s always been “that city I moved to” after college. I didn’t know if it was home or if it was just a stepping stone in life. I may move again, but Houston became home in the middle of this shoot when I asked this little boy’s mom, Darci, how she found me.

She said someone “Misti” had referred her back from around “Abilene”, my hometown. After we ran through a list of last names, this explosion went off in …
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I met Courtney and John some years back and instantly gravitated towards them. After talking,  I learned they were in law school at the time and they learned that I was a photographer. Little did I know the opportunity I would get to have with them years later. John reached out to me one day, said he had a plan and he needed my help documenting it. Told me he was going to catch Courtney off-guard at work and that he had an awesome crew there at the courthouse to help him do it.

So I met John outside the courthouse and we perused the halls to Court …
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