This year, I was commissioned to shoot a series of head shot portraits for the real estate company, Finch Properties. Finding that a setting inside a home would make the most sense for the background, we settled into this cozy space with so much beautiful natural lighting and perfect floral accents. I just didn’t want to leave. The team was so professional, polite and knowledgeable. I felt like I learned so many quick tips just listening to them talk business to each other as we multi-tasked our way through the day. I’ll definitely be looking this team up!

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Jolee Brackett’s Newborn

October 30, 2015

My best friend had Baby #2 recently and she made it look far too easy to someone who has never even had one mini. Meet Jolee Brackett and her big brother Tyce. I tried out my new camera, with a lens I don’t use enough, in very dark lighting just to see what I could get so excuse me as I experiment here. Tyce, a little man so full of adventure, humor and intuition well beyond his few years of life made for an interesting shoot as Rachel played along with me on a fluffy white carpet. Jolee slept like a baby through Tyce’s rough …
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Fall is coming, never mind Winter! It’s a time where we celebrate that August, the hottest month of the year here in Houston, is behind us. Football has started and many of our better halves are glued to ESPN or something similar on TV. It’s high time to slip away, sip on mimosas and take a bunch of scandalous pictures to later surprise him/her with. Every woman deserves a photo shoot that showcases her own beauty, curves, playful smiles and sexiness. Book a shoot with me and this is what to expect! BOOKING [HELLO@MAIGENSAWYER.COM]


1 Hour Photo Shoot
As many outfit changes as you want (Just keep …
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The Tati Morris Adoption

September 1, 2015

This day caught me by surprise. I met Lindsay and Kris Morris at a wedding they attended in the Dominican Republic for a most beautiful woman and incredible man inside and out, Brooke and Travis Tobaben. We did a mini shoot there on the beach and Punta Cana with Lindsay and Kris and almost a year later, I was parking my car, skinnying my way into a packed elevator up to the 246th District Court Downtown Houston to photograph Tati.

Her life changed this day. She legally took the last name Morris, being adopted by Kris who became her father, vowed to stand at her side, …
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The Lundgren Wedding

August 10, 2015

A couple very near and dear to my heart got married this summer and we got to head back home to West Texas for the festivities. Brant’s always been the tough guy so it was an emotional time for everyone to see him get choked up when he saw his lady all dressed in white. Those photos will forever be stuck in my mind when I think of them now. Congratulations on starting the rest of your lives together Sarah and Brant. Drew and I love you very much! You guys are perfect together! …
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